Tailoring Services

Specializing in Online Apparel Alterations

Vos Tailoring specializes in fitting and repairing clothing garments online. We minimize the time and effort it takes to repair or alter your clothing by eliminating the process of traveling to our location. We know that you want your garments tailored in a reasonable amount of time, so why waste time and gas fighting traffic when Vos Tailoring can fit and repair your clothes online to your exact specifications. Our expertise in online tailoring enables us to make tailoring alterations in a very quick and efficient manner when other tailoring companies can’t.

Are you petite?

Shopping for exact sizes can be hard enough, especially if you’re petite. Sometimes even a small shirt size is just slightly too big, making it look too loose or sloppy. Vo’s Tailoring says, “almost good enough just won’t do!” In these situations, having a shirt hem taken up just a half inch can make a big difference. We can handle most articles of clothing with simple alterations for petite sizes, allowing for better fit and tucking with less bunching.


Oversized trends come and go, but even if it’s in fashion, it should be done right. For example, when it comes to suits, which are often cut a little softer, it should fit at the shoulders, the arm length should not be too long, and it should be in proportion at the waist. And if the rest of the proportions are correct, then a deconstructed oversized suit, especially if done correctly, can look very nice.

Convenience with no risk…

Vo’s Tailoring wants to take away the risk of buying poor-fitting dress shirts and pants in off-the-rack sizes by assuring you the highest standard of work possible. Mrs. Truc Bach Vo is our head tailor and has been tailoring and creating custom clothing since 1994. Since that time, she has honed in her skills by working in various capacities, and tailoring many styles of clothing including formal dresses, tuxedos and more. Read her bio here. But offering you a robust line services is only part of our goal, as we also want to offer you the convenience of a quick turn-around time. Using our online services to send and receive your clothing is easy and takes little time.

Attention to every detail, with you in mind!..

Simply send your articles of clothing to us through your favorite carrier of choice and when they arrive at our location, we’ll begin the process of fixing them right away. We will send them back to you in your perfect size. Whether it involves hems, buttons, sides, sleeves, zippers,.. we can do it all. Just give us a try and our seamless “mail to measure” process will be an experience you’ll want to tell your friends about. From the time we start to the last stitch, there’s attention to every detail behind every project we accept, and always with you in mind.

You deserve your clothes made your way!..

We make measuring easy. Vo’s tailoring is here to make the whole process fast and simple. Call or contact Vo’s Tailoring now and a skilled tailor will take your requests for your exact measurements today!..

“We’re a small specialized tailoring company you can trust!”

We want to meet your deadlines and satisfy your exact requirements.